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MusicbyKO’s “Life In Element” Is A Refreshing Brand Of Hip Hop (Review & Stream)

MusicbyKO fills a void in hip hop that has been missing for a couple of years on his new album.

Listen, hip hop comes in all shapes and forms, but in my humbling opinion, the type of hip hop music that MusicbyKO makes is the best version of it. His knack for instilling wisdom into every bar he delivers is impressive, and when you add the phenomenal composition he blesses each track with to the fray, you get music for the heart, soul and ears!

Honestly, every song on this album caught my attention with its refreshing vibes, but the one that stood out to me the most was “LaLa Land.” The two minute and fifty second track is powered by this soulful instrumental that makes sure it rattles your trunk just as much as it touches your soul. On it, MusicbyKO opens up about his work ethic, skill-set and willingness to block out all distractions, motivating people like himself to be themselves and let their dreams play out. I love MusicbyKO’s composure on the track, as he practically eases himself to the finish line utilizing an infectious southern twang and carefully laid-out bars. Overall, the track is both motivational and inspiring, and if you enjoy knowledgable rap music, this is it for you!

I can’t stress how much I want you to give this project a listen! It’s one of the highest-quality/most sonically enjoyable albums I’ve heard in a while! Kudos to MusicbyKO here!



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