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SNY’s “I Might” Keeps The Summer Going (Review & Stream)

Anyone else hyped as hell after listening to this song?

It’s safe to say that SNY’s future in the hip hop game is bright! Hailing from the down under (Gold Coast Australia), our featured artist has shown an uncanny ability to drop infectious hip hop music that can care less about a boundary or guideline. In his latest single, “I Might,” he puts this approach to the test, giving us this exhilarating new track that is catchy, high in energy and explosive when it comes to vibes.

You know what I love most about this song? How much fun SNY seems to have had making it. To me, he has this pep to his step that translates to a melody and a couple of verses that is way too hard to ignore. He also understands that the hard-hitting beat he’s rapping over probably deserves just as much love as him, so he doesn’t try to overpower it or anything, instead, he rides it well, complimenting its every element.

Make sure you rock all the way out to “I Might!” Trust me, it’s a banger that will have you prepared to spend a couple thousand at your local club.





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