Grimey New York rap is at its peak right now.

Uncle Murda aka Lenny Wilkens (Or whatever his other moniker is) has had quite the year. He’s released a couple of bangers, dabbled in some rap beef, and now, might have himself a club hit with Dave East.

“Hold Up” is gritty, but also a lot of fun to listen to. For majority of it, Uncle Murda blesses us with some hood words of wisdom using the same complex flow Fabolous is known to use when he raps these days. As a result, his insults and dismissals of us not being s**t compared to him flows like the wind.

Dave East has the second verse on this song, and in it, he takes Uncle Murda’s style of rapping and turns in to some next level s**t. Throughout, he talks about everything from weed smoking to strong arming the competition, and does it in a way that assures the listeners that he’s got now and doesn’t care who has next.

Uncle Murda’s a prime example of how there is a spot for goons in the hip hop game these days.