SuperDuperKyle is nothing more than a glorified Skate from Streets of Rage.

In my eyes, Kyle can do no wrong. He makes music that is high in quality, gives you some old school vibes, and is simply fun to listen to. “SUPERDUPERKYLE” is no different.

Over this action-packed Ronny J beat, Kyle and MADEINTYO both get a chance to let the world know how dope they are, dishing out bars using similar flows and cockiness that screams out “Punch me in the face.” While Kyle’s contributions are a bit more dynamic, shifting between aggressive and melodic, MADEINTYO’s is basic, as he comes across like a n***a that went in the booth and said I want to copy every single rapper’s style that you’ve heard in the last five days.

Kyle reminds me of one of those dudes that made himself into a comic book character when he was younger.