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Machine Gun Kelly – BINGE (EP Review)

Let’s face it: MGK has a buzz right now, and that is because he is currently engulfed in a legit rap beef with Eminem. With that being said, the G in MGK must really stand for ‘genius,’ cause today, he took advantage of that buzz by releasing a new EP titled “BINGE.”





“Get The Broom” is a good mix of rage and high-octane raps; as a listener, how can you not like that combination?

I actually prefer this version of Machine Gun Kelly more than the other ones you hear on this album. I feel its a more organic one, and fits in line with who he is as a person. As a listener, s**t like that matters when you want to hear music.




Even though “LOCO” is the second song on “BINGE,” it’s really where the album starts. On it, you get absolute mayhem! Powered by this trunk rattling instrumental, MGK reminds the world about his women smashing/drug-taking ways, prompting all the parents of the world to consider putting a parental lock on all of their children’s iTunes libraries.

On the real, I really f**k with the vibes of this song, as it boasts this fun-loving yet bad-assness to it. I also like how Machine Gun Kelly switches between regular rap star and maniac seamlessly throughout it, coming across like a regular joe that’s in the process of being possessed by the devil.




You get two versions of Machine Gun Kelly on this song: A version that can put up a melody comparable to the rappers you hear today, and a version that is introspective and willing to open up about his past.

With drug-usage and depression becoming something we talk about more and more these days, I tend to listen harder to an artist that vents about the daily issues they face, especially when they try to hide it over a infectious melody and quality raps like MGK did here.

Fortunately, s**t isn’t all sad on this song, as the Cleveland rapper does talk about overcoming some serious odds throughout his two verses, too, giving hope to the world that he’ll be around a lot longer than it feels like he will (That can mean a lot of different things, BTW). We need you, MGK, who else is Diddy going to neglect on bad boy if you aren’t around?




On “Nylon,” Machine Gun Kelly gets a chance to take shots at his competition, rep his city and talk about his motivation to be great.

Machine Gun Kelly isn’t the best rapper in the world (🤯) but what I do like about him is that he’s one of the most confident. In this song, he powers through his verses with such bravado/cockiness that it’s hard to believe that he wouldn’t take down even a big name in the game like Eminem. Seriously, his words hit like an anvil on his verses, and the melody he was able to deliver was the icing on the cake when it comes to ruffling n***as feathers. Way to show up on a song that you needed to prove your worth in the game, MGK!




If you didn’t know by now (Which I’m liable to slap you if you don’t), Eminem took shots at everybody and their mamas on his latest album. One of the people that he went after was Machine Gun Kelly, and lets just say this, the Cleveland spitter’s response was nothing short of heinous! On it, he takes aim at everything from the Detroit native’s diminishing skills to his hateration of the other rappers in the game. Surprisingly, the song is structured well with a hook and a pretty dope instrumental by Ronny J (The same person that produced Eminem’s diss record towards MGK), and the punchlines that Machine Gun was able to deliver was pretty hot! (His Flow was a bit off at times, though)

Mark my words: Machine Gun Kelly will come out the winner in this beef…



2. LOCO (4/5)

3. LATELY (4.5/5)

4. GET THE BROOM (3.5/5)

5. GTS (3.5/5)

6. SIGNS (3.5/5)

7. NYLON (5/5)

8. RAP DEVIL (5/5)





Since his emergence onto the music scene, there has been a lot of rappers that have dabbled in the whole rap/rage genre that Machine Gun Kelly currently utilizes, and truth be told, they’ve been pretty successful. But in my opinion, none of these artists do it quite like him, which is why I think getting involved in a highly public rap beef with one of the biggest artists in that genre was a blessing beyond epic proportions for him. Not only because his name becomes relevant to the mass media, but I also think the beef gave him a chance to show the world that there is only one MGK, and when he is motivated, he’s quite the act to follow.

The main thing I like about this album is that its sound is consistent. From start to finish, you get this similar grungy vibe that forces you to be engulfed in Machine Gun Kelly’s world. In that world, you are subjected to an emotional rollercoaster ride in which you might get a chance to experience some of Kelly’s lows, his highs, and my favorite, his ‘oh s**t, the kitchen is burning down’s! Despite portraying this wild and crazy character, Machine Gun Kelly plays quite a composed conductor, never really going off the rails, but also never really playing it safe either.

Listen, I’m one of the people walking this planet that thinks Machine Gun Kelly is a pretty decent rapper, and in this particular project, he did pretty well in that department. I felt like he didn’t force s**t like he usually does, instead, he took whatever the beat gave him and made Lemonade out of it (Whatever the f**k that means). His punchlines were solid, his flows and deliveries were above average (Often times he was using a flow that other rappers use that I wished was retired by now), and his lyrical content was strong. However, my favorite aspect about his rapping on this project was his confidence, as throughout, from song to song, he spit like he belonged; matter of fact, he actually sounded like an elite rap talent that can go toe to toe with just about anyone.

If this is step 2 to the revival of Machine Gun Kelly’s career, I’ll say he’s 2/2. “BINGE” is quite the pleasant surprise, even though it might’ve derived from the musical equivalent of a circus act.

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52 thoughts on “Machine Gun Kelly – BINGE (EP Review)

      1. What are you laughing about? This is trash and everything MGK said he wasn’t yet shit out 9 turds for a total of 25 minutes… You wanna talk about it?

      2. Thanks for Reading.

        If you think all 9 songs on this album were bad, then I definitely don’t agree with you. I’m down to talk, argue, hold a forum, do whatever over my rating! I love comments and seeing what other people’s perspectives are!

      3. This review is soo trash im shitting on it right now and deleting spotify for allowing me to listen to this garbage album. Gtfoh dude

  1. This ep is GARBAGE!!!!! And i like mgk. But it sounds like he took a bunch of drugs and went in the studio. Rap Devil HAD to be thrown on there, that’s what got him hot. Compared to thoughtfulness and lyrical savvy of Rap Devil, no other song comes close. Big disappointment after the hype built up.

  2. You gotta be on Bad Boy payroll.
    This is the most bullshit I think I’ve ever read in one article. You are clearly delusional as it gets and know nothing about Hip Hop…

  3. Medley – I am a free spirited, slightly exuberant, brown-eyed maverick with a knack for the arts and an appetite for magic. Or so I think.......
    Medley says:

    This is not a review. Its a personal commentary and it’s a stupid one. And did you just say MGK will come tops in the beef? Do you live in a rock? Do you have no white matter in your brain? Or are you just clickbaiting on WordPress?

    1. Thanks for reading!

      Lol Damn, what did I or MGK do to you? Did we the toilet seat up and your house or something?

      No, in all seriousness, i get that you didn’t like it, lots of people don’t. I really liked the EP. I’m not afraid to say how I feel when I write, and this time around, I had nothing bad to say. I could make up some bad things to say about it… would that be cool? Lol

      Stay blessed bro!

    2. Medley – I am a free spirited, slightly exuberant, brown-eyed maverick with a knack for the arts and an appetite for magic. Or so I think.......
      Medley says:

      Lol. I’m coming back to read my own comment after the whole rave has cooled and Im kind of cringing at some of my statements. If it is any good, I take back some of the things I said; mostly the out of place bits. Truth is, I am a writer too. I should understand that it’s your perspective and as much as I may not agree with you, you’re entitled to it. Hell, that’s the entire concept of writing.

      In any case, It’s a well written piece. Kudos.

      1. Lol I appreciate you checking back, that definitely means a lot. It’s cool though, I appreciated your comment, it was pretty funny too lol. I look forward to possibly talking to you again, and I’m definitely gonna check out your stuff!

  4. Oh my god seriously?? Wow wow wow. Are you def? I dont know what EP you listened to but this binge ep is pure trash. I dont even know where to begin on why this ep is ……
    -Autotune overkills (remember he is rapper, where is the authenticity?)
    -No real content (6 of 9 tracks can be summed up into one song, all the same topic, all the same content)
    -he claims to be lyrical rapper but damn, those lyrics are repetitive, have you listened to Signs? That is mumble rap already.
    -the beats are terrible.
    -what now? This is his 4th ‘album’/mixtape already but still the same guy 6/7 years ago. Still talking about sex drug addiction??
    But then you must be gay journalist offended by eminem or just paid journalist by mgk to say good things about this garbage.

    1. Lol, I know! 😓 Thanks for the motivational words. Honestly, I love hearing everyone’s opinion even if it’s rational or irrational.

      But thanks for the comment! I respect that it wasn’t your favorite. It looks like a lot of people hated it…or hate him lol. I’m definitely in the minority.

  5. Dude…its okay if u like his work but atleast give some neutral views aside from your own evident bias towards this kind of music.The Auto tune overkill…the same content repeated in so many songs…i have never disagreed so much with any reviewer ever.The album is trash at best.This is the kind of work because of wich MGK is still considered to be an ‘upcoming’ artist inspite of being in the rap game for years now.
    The album was trash and this review was dumb…I give this album a C and your review a C for ignoring every flaw it had

    1. I love your criticism and I respect it. He did use some auto-tune on their, it might not be people’s cup of tea, but I thought it was Ok.

      He did repeat some of the same content, but a good chunk of rappers repeat the same topics too, so I’m surprised you haven’t adjusted to that.

      I agree with that upcoming rapper line. He should’ve been blown up, but his career has not quite lived up to expectations.

      A C for the album is a respectable rating.

      Seriously, and all honesty, thanks for reading and I appreciate the in-depth comment. I definitely took things you said into consideration.

  6. Good Lord! The efficacy with which you endorse your ludicrous cruel joke of a review is quite alarming.. Stupefying at best This ep is fresh, unadulterated bullshit! You gave it a B-rating? Nah.. Its either you’re being paid by Diddy to write this lame excuse for a review, you are a gay reporter who hates Eminem’s guts in the mgk – eminem feud, a Trump supporter or are simply brain dead. Mgk clearly proved he’s a mumble rapper by dropping this batshit repulsive ep.
    Honestly, anyone who recommends it needs therapy.. Both electroshock and psycho.

    1. Thanks for reading. I’m neither of the above. I see your anger and I get it, Machine Gun Kelly rubs me the wrong way too. But I thought this project was enjoyable. We can agree to disagree!

      😂😂😂 BTw, that last line was pretty funny.

  7. When are you gonna pull away from kissing Diddy’s and MGKs butt and write an honest review. Come on did you listen to the EP with ear mufflers on instead of your headphones. BTW how much is Diddy and MGK paying you cause I think you just flushed your credibility down the toilet with this review. And by now you likely know so by the response to your review…..GRATZ on losing what little shred of credibility you had with anything. Maybe the mumblers will take you cause actual rappers sure don’t want you.

  8. This made my eyes bleed, I dont know what’s worse. The article or the album. The article is biased to say the least and with the exception of rap devil the album is pretty much trash.

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