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Kaz Bienliski’s Voice On “You’ll Believe” Will Inspire (Review & Stream)


I love positive vibes like the ones you get on “You’ll Believe!” 

Music lovers will soak up every single second of “You’ll Believe.” From the moment you press play on it, you are served with this springy instrumental that reminds me of the musical version of a sunrise. It automatically puts you in this joyful mood, which in turn, gives you this pep to your step that will make you want to find the nearest and most eligible dancing partner to get down with.

Though I love the vibes of this tune, I thought it was both Kaz Bielinski’s lyrical content and strong vocals throughout that caught my attention the most.

Blessed with a voice that seamlessly makes its way into your soul, Kaz Bielinski utilizes it to let all the lovers in the world know that letting a partner you’re in a relationship with go could be a regretful mistake if you don’t get the chance to fully know who they are as a person. Kaz’s approach is comforting, the melodies he uses are memorable, and most importantly, his words are well-thought it. In my opinion, our hero used the perfect way to describe the critical topic at hand.

If you are in need of a wake-up call in your relationship or simply enjoy great music, I suggest you give Kaz Bielinski’s “You’ll Believe” a chance up top.



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