Young Thug’s highly anticipated “On The Rvn” EP has finally hit the net, and based off of its track-listing, we might get a version of the rapper that is open to just about every kind of sub-genre hip hop has to offer (he might even f**k around and make some new ones, too). I believe Thugger has some serious potential to drop something his fans will truly appreciate here, which is key, because it could be one of his last efforts for a while due to his current legal situation.


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3. SIN

I love when Thugger experiments, but one of my favorite versions of him is a plain ole one that keeps his animated outbursts at a minimum. That’s what you get on “Sin,” as he powers through his verse using this calm demeanor and lyrics so laid-back in nature that I am convinced he was sitting in a Jacuzzi with two bad b*tches and a riveting football game on in the background while he was writing it. His part compliments Jaden’s really well, mainly because he comes across like a big brother who’s willing to teach little brother the correct way to drip (I don’t know why that sounds so disgusting to me).

I’m a huge fan of Jaden Smith and think that it’s dope that some of hip hop’s biggest names are starting to work with him. In “Sin,” he gets to do his most relevant guest appearance to-date, getting a chance to go toe-to-toe with Thugger on a song destined for some serious club-play. He holds his own on it, too, doing his share of mumble rapping while also dropping some tough ass lyrics revolving around having b*tches and ballin’ with money he’s made on his own. Well done, young Smith!




“Climax” features the unlikeliest of collaborations, and surprisingly, it works!

“Climax” is a legitimate slow jam/alternative hit. Thankfully, it also keeps it’s hip hop roots, something I owe to the great production from London On Da Beat.

One thing Thugger doesn’t get enough credit for is his willingness to dabble in sounds that are probably not meant for him. In this particular one (Trap R&B), he gives us quite the interesting contribution, introducing a new style of crooning called ‘mumble singing’ on the hook, while also coming across as agitated and hyped up on his lone verse. To sum it up, his content and emotions are all over the place, which tells me he wanted to go haywire on the record as opposed to getting lost in the smooth vibes of it.

6LACK’s verse was a smooth/solid one. He glides through it with such ease, as he initially talks about letting his ex-chick get to him, but eventually changing his tune and instead letting her know that he’s found a rebound that’s better than she ever was. his part definitely fits the tone of the song, and never goes off the rail like his Atlanta counterparts does.

Can this song make my coveted bedtime playlist? We shall see!




Sir Elton John and Young Thug on a track together has the potential of being a catalyst for world peace.

What is there to not love about this song? The combination of hip hop elements and breezy vibes on the instrumental is gold, and when you add Thugger’s savage/reckless raps on top of it (I love that he didn’t change his approach despite the gentle tone of the record), you get something that is pure genius! If you ask me, this is the Thugger I expected to hear on “Slime Language” — one that says what he wants, but doesn’t let the music suffer because of it.

Elton John’s airy vocals in the background caps “High’s” special feel. It makes it sound timeless, and also serves as a well-needed stamp of approval from the originator of the song (High is a updated version of Elton John’s “Rocket Man”).

Any chance a petition to add Elton John onto “YSL” will work?


1. ON THE RVN (4.5/5)

2. ICEY (4/5)

3. CLIMAX (4.5/5)

4. SIN (4.5/5)


6. HIGH (5/5)




“On The Rvn” is a very solid body of work. In a mere six songs, Thugger gives you about four different sounds, and on each, he holds nothing back. It’s explosive to listen to, mainly because you never know which direction he will go from song to song (Hell, from bar to bar I don’t know where he is going).

I said it before and I’ll say it again: Thugger picks the best beats in the game. Relying on frequent collaborators like London On Da Beat to help him create music has worked in his favor, because you can tell they understand the exact gems that will make him want to be experimental while also allowing him to stay within’ arms length of his go-to trap vibes. On this project, you got trap versions of soul, alternative and rock done right.

My only beef with this project continues to be the same beef I’ve had with Young Thug for the last ten years: His lyrical content is too useless for my liking. I don’t mind his constant mumbling when he raps (I didn’t say I’m a fan of it, I just don’t have a problem with it), wild and crazy crooning and unorthodox hooks, it’s his lack of substance that disappoints me. In an EP called “On The Rvn,” I was hoping to hear a bit more introspective lyrics from him, but instead, what we got was too much materialistic talk. He had his opportunities throughout, but never really took advantage of them. C’mon Thugger, your style is too epic to feature limited lyrical content.

The collaborations on this project were great! 6LACK put up a really good verse on “Climax,” Jaden Smith absolutely killed “Sin,” and Elton John made “High” feel legendary. Each feature also did a good job of fitting in where they can despite Thugger’s knack for losing his s**t when he makes music. Shout-out to Thugger for finding artists that complimented his sound really well on this EP!

“On The Rvn” is yet another teaser project from Thugger in which he got a chance to show the hip hop game how much more unique he is than them. On it, he’s unapologetic, brash and unbothered like he always is, but in this particular episode, he also displays his underrated ability to make high-quality music.