Hip Hop

Juicy J Calls On Travis Scott For The Very Trippy “Neighbor” (Review & Stream)

Better catch phrase: “It’s Lit” or “Yea Hoe?”

In my opinion, Juicy J is a more amped up version of Travis Scott. The good news is that the duo decided to drop a spankin’ new record together called “Neighbor” today, and on it, you get an exhilarating contribution from Travis Scott that has him getting the crowd amped up with lyrics about getting a check and spending it in the most reckless way possible. I love the melody he sings with, and enjoy how he rides the beat without a care in the world.

Juicy J’s lone verse goes deeper into detail of what he’s going to do when he gets a check, and as expected, it revolves around f**kin’ with chicks, stuntin’ on n***as and taking the loftiest of drugs (Classic Juicy). Melody-wise, his part falls in line with what Travis was able to give us on his, however, when it comes to aggression, I felt like he did a better job of strong arming the beat.

Have you ever heard that many consecutive “F**ks” in your life?




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