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Mick Jenkins Continues To Release Poetic Heat With “Elephant In The Room” (Review & Stream)

Mick Jenkins is living in his own bubble right now.

Lets just keep it real: The crux of this song is as unorthodox as it gets. It features this heavy-hitting instrumental that sorta has this hypnotic feel to it, while the flow Mick Jenkins raps with is a bit unsteady. But f**k all that! The thing you should be paying the most attention to as a listener is Mick Jenkins’ words on this song: They are poetic, partially competitive and as enlightening as it gets. My guess is that dude was either smoking the strongest of weed or sniffing on the freshest of magic markers when he wrote his lyrics, because his lines are out-of-this-worldly. My mind was definitely blown listening to this s**t.

I would love for Mick Jenkins to write a children’s book. Some of his lines on this song sound very Dr. Seuss-ish to me.





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