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Romen Gives Us The Smoothest Of Vibes On “Can’t Settle” (Review & Stream)


I ask God for a voice like Romen’s almost everyday.

As summer has slowly faded away, Romen decided to drop one last project paying homage to it called Last Day Of Summer. One of my favorite tracks off of the project is called “Can’t Settle,” and on it, our hero croons over this gentle instrumental that has its elements of both snap music and pure/unadulterated soul attached to it.

Romen absolutely stuns with both his dynamic vocals and touching words. I love how he stretches his words out, making sure that the listener truly understands the importance of never settling when it comes to finding true love. I also enjoy the many different melodies Romen gives us throughout, infusing some classic ones and some that I feel brings out the trueness of his personality.

If you want to hear music that sorta feels tonic, I suggest you listen to this track over and over again. I also suggest you listen to the rest of Romen’s Last Day of Summer HERE, too



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