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Will Smith Dabbles In Latin Music With Marc Anthony & Bad Bunny On “Está Rico” (Review & Stream)

If 50 is the new 30, I guess 30 is the new 10, right?

Everyone’s favorite misfit from Philadelphia turned 50 the other day (Will Smith), and as a celebration, he decided to partake in a risky bungee jump (Yikes). I personally don’t think that’s all that crazy for him. What I would’ve thought was crazy for him was making a rap comeback, something he has officially done today.

In Está Rico, a Latin-inspired track, Will swags his ass off doing some melodizing, utilizing the rap flows of today and dishing out the smoothest of game. I thought his part was pretty decent, but I’m sure Jaden doesn’t think so.

Bad Bunny and Marc Anthony complete this record, giving us something both passionate and authentic when it comes to Latin vibes (Hella sexy, too)! Matter of fact, I think their parts can only be enjoyed in some tight ass pants.

When Will Smith starts dabbling in Reggaeton music, then you know that the genre has officially entered into a troubling state.



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