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The Inner Party’s “Stay Together For The Cats” Is A Hypnotic Gem (Review & Stream)

Cats everywhere should rejoice! The Inner Party decided to dedicate a song to you!

“Stay Together For The Cats” is the latest single from The Inner Party, and it is a down-tempo cut that aims to hypnotize your mind with this drowsy approach. It can also be considered a romantic lullaby, as it centers around this concerned women that is in a fledgling relationship that wants to do everything she can to convince her lover to stay with her for the sake of their cats. Some may consider the song bizarre based off of its subject matter and approach, but I find it genius, as through the simplest of words and vocal notes, both the band and Erin Poppy were able to tackle both animal and real love.

The youtube video attached to this song is in its purest form, intentionally composed and produced with authenticity and sustainability. It uses no grand schemes or mesmerizing effects, but simply various home videos unfolding raw images that fall in line with the musicality and lyricism of the song. Well done, guys!




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