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State Royale Gives Us Some Futuristic R&B Vibes In “Rays” (Review & Stream)


I have a feeling that “Rays” is what R&B music will sound like in 2050.

The two things I love my favorite artists doing are pushing boundaries and paying homage to the individuals they listened to in the past; I feel like State Royale did both in “Rays.”

Over this beat that combines intergalactic vibes with 90’s feels, State Royale intoxicates listeners delivering these hypnotic vocals combined with silky smooth lyrics that has them practically sounding like yours, mines and everyone else’s dream-women. On their verses, they gave me flashbacks to Aaliyah’s music, utilizing a melody very similar to the one you heard on “I Don’t Wanna.” On everything else, they managed to instill some of their flashy personalities into the fray, letting the world know why State Royale is a name you need to pay attention to.

Aspiring artists, here’s some words of advice: whatever genre you want to pursue, approach it with the same unique mentality that State Royale did here. Trust me, it will catch the attention of  listeners!




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