August Alsina

August Alsina Returns With “Wouldn’t Leave” (Review & Stream)

August Alsina disappeared for quite some time…

Artists don’t get more soulful than August Alsina. I feel like he has this knack for giving it his all whenever he steps on the mic, even if that means he has to be scrapped off of it when it’s all said and done. In his latest single, “Wouldn’t Leave,” the Louisiana born singer shows off some of that soul, remixing Kanye’s emotional “Wouldn’t Leave” track from “Ye.” As expected, he keeps the hook primarily the same, but on everything else, he shows lots of passion, discussing the importance of having faith in a relationship despite the ups and downs your partner may show while you’re in it with them. The track has this gospel feel to it, and unfortunately, August Alsina doesn’t quite hit the notes like he used to.

I’m glad to see that August is doing better health-wise these days.




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