Bogusdank And Kieao Unite For The Hair-Raising “Monsters Inside” (Review & Stream)

Kieao is back with yet another hit, and trust me, it’s one of his most explosive.

Traditionally, Kieao makes EDM music that is amiable and gives off neighborly vibes. For his newest single, “Monsters Inside,” he throws out all rules, parameters and codes to create a cut so intense that I practically called the police on it after listening to it.

So where do I begin when it comes to explaining this song? For starters, the track is dubstep based, boasting this hydraulic-like sound that will literally knock pictures off the walls if played on some major speakers. However, my favorite aspect about “Monsters Inside” is the Halloween-themed elements the two musicians incorporated into it. From terrifying laughs to a complete shift into this chilling instrumental in-between, Kieao and Bogusdank try to get your heart racing throughout by taking you on this unpredictable roller-coaster ride that is bound to end up leading you into trouble.

Halloween is easily my favorite holiday; am I evil?




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