Bri Berlay

Bri Berlay Is Down To Have A Good Time All By Her Lonesome In “Party By Myself” (Review & Stream)

Bri Berlay is the turn-up Queen!

Bri Berlay is a talented musician that doesn’t mind keeping it all the way real with a slice of cheese in the middle when she makes music. In her newest single, “Party By Myself,” she was able to create something so raunchy that I almost caught the heebie-jeebies listening to it.

The premise of “Party By Myself” revolves around Bri wanting to party her butt off, so she calls on… well… herself to get it started. Already backed by this explosive instrumental, the New York based rapper hammers through her verses talking about drug-usage, drunk-driving and listening to good music using both these raw lyrics and animated vocals. I love the energy she gives off throughout, and really like her care-free demeanor.

Everyone has that one reckless friend that doesn’t mind blacking out or going to jail on behalf of a good time; Bri is one of those people! (Don’t you love people like that?)



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