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Söur Bruthers Gift Us With Authentic Rock Music In “Sinkin Down” (Review & Stream)

One word: Electrifying.

Söur Bruthers clearly believe in the powers of traditional rock, because their music features elements in it that will give you flashbacks to the golden age of the genre. Not only do they give us roaring vocals when they lay down their verses, but their instrument-play is also high-octane! In their newest release, “Sinkin’ Down,” the band utilizes each and every one of those elements I discussed to get us hooked in their spell.

You know what I love about this song? It’s explosive, featuring some heavy-hitting drumming and kick-ass guitar-play, but it also has this openness to it lyrically that makes it very relatable.  Throughout, the lead singer of the group talks about being lost and needing help to get back on his feet, letting the world know that even the sturdiest of individuals have their moments of despair. The message the band delivered here is deep, and when you combine that with the overall musicality attached to the song, you get a body of work that will truly resonate with you.

Songs like “Sinkin Down” is why I love music! I feel like there is always some musician out there that has a deep message that speaks directly to you.



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