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Taymarion Gives Us Something Silky Smooth In “Like I Can” (Review & Stream)

Taymarion drops the realest of slow jams in “Like I Can.”

There’s this new trend of music artists talking about stealing our beloved women from us. For the most part, it’s hard to stomach, but I have to admit, when the topic is discussed using some smooth R&B s**t like in “Like I Can,” you can’t help but soak it all up.

On “Like I Can,” you get this drowsy instrumental that sorta puts you in the zone every second of the way. Over it, our protagonist gets a chance to setup this hypothetical situation in which he gets a chance to do all the sexual favors he feels this taken woman needs and is not getting from her current man. Blessed with this skill to make words resonate, Tay hypnotizes listeners with a few harmonies and a couple of melodies that are pure and perfectly laid out. He also shows his ability to show an abundance of passion vocally, navigating through his verses utilizing a variety of pitches. Overall, the track is as complete as a love song will get, and is also raunchy enough to catch the attention of our women (Unfortunately).

I’m going to make sure I hold my girl tight these days.



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