Marc. E Bassy Calls On G-Eazy For The Funky “Love Her Too” (Review & Stream)

You can’t love her too, she’s my wife, Marc!

Mark my words, Marc will be a mainstay in the R&B/Pop game real soon! If you didn’t think so, I think this new single called “Love Her Too” featuring G-Eazy will change your mind! On it, our hero croons about the unorthdoxest of relationship scenarios through this stripped down/basic-sounding/gritty instrumental. There really isn’t anything super special about the vocals you get from Marc, but its his simple-minded approach to both his vocals and lyrics that catch my attention (ironically). As for G-Eazy, he adds that last line of ‘real n***a’ defense to the song, echoing the same sentiments as Marc but using a more gutter/multisyllabic approach.

You can tell this song was rushed, but that’s what makes it good.




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