Ebony Stoned

EllaMaeFlossie Takes Aim At Capitalism And More In “Ebony Stoned” (Review & Stream)


We need more musical activists like EllaMaeFlossie.

EllaMaeFlossie are a hip hop trio that features Faye Grim (AKA LiKWUID) on the vocals, Zaven Embree as the director, and honorary member Willie Green as the producer. Their aim is to incorporate the ideals of peace, love and serenity into the music they make, and don’t mind taking whatever road they need to take to get their messages across. In their newest single titled “Ebony Stoned,” the close-knit band stay true to their beliefs utilizing this edgy approach.

From the moment you press play on “Ebony Stoned,” you are treated to this explosive instrumental that features a tempo faster than the speed of light. But my favorite part of the track is the performance you get from lead singer Faye Grim throughout. She holds nothing back on her contributions, hammering through her verse rapping explosively while also providing us with something that is beyond catchy on the hook. Her lyrical content revolving around fighting all types of ‘ism’s’ in the world is inspiring, and quite honestly, a bit bone-chilling to listen to.

“Ebony Stoned” is special.



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