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Trio Of Awesuhm Tell A Soothing Story Of Relentlessness In “Nevertheless”


I have a weak spot for feel-good music like this.

Trio of Awesuhm (A band with an amazing name, BTW), are a Folk-Rock band consisting of Monica Uhm (Lead Vocalist and lyricist), James Kirkpatrick (Drummer and Percussionist), Ken Dircks (Bass), Greg Schettino (Lead Guitarist) and Sammy Wags (Keyboarding). The band’s chemistry is astute, and their approach to music is as natural as it gets. In their newest release, “Nevertheless,” they show both aspects to the world throughout.

“Nevertheless” is primarily a feel-good track that has this nostalgic/organic vibe to it. The instrumental is simplistic, the words are touching, and the singing that you get from Monica Uhm is absolutely infectious. However, what I like most about the song is its message, as it revolves around enduring the many trials and tribulations that life throws at you from time to time. Who doesn’t need to hear motivational words like that from time to time?

Make sure you check out Trio Of Awesuhm’s “Nevertheless” up top!



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