Arin Ray

Justine Skye And Arin Ray Look For The Perfect Love In “Build” (Review & Stream)


Why isn’t Justine Skye my bae yet?

You know what’s interesting about “Build?” It’s just as smooth as it is tough, as it features this soothing instrumental but some very bold/unapologetic words from both Arin Ray and Justine Skye. The premise of the track revolves around Justine Skye finding a man that is actually worth her time, as opposed to indulging in the idea of building one on her own. Arin plays the ‘n***a that ain’t s**t’ on the song, explaining to Justin why he’s perfect for her. As expected, he fails, but on some real s**t, I don’t think he had a chance in the first place.

Justine, I can be your man, even during the weekday.




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