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Future & Young Thug Finally Release The Long-Awaited “Whole Lotta Racks” (Review & Stream)

I would’ve preferred for this s**t to be shelved.

Young Thug and Future have become the best of friends after having some minor differences in the past. Today, they decided to drop one of their most coveted collaborations to-date called “Whole Lotta Racks,” and in my opinion, it’s a bit of an underwhelming effort. On it, Future dully raps about being the bosses of bosses, outlining how he spends his money, treats his women and stunts on his competition. His part sounds very simple, and I am not a big fan of simple rap.

Young Thug makes things a bit more interesting on his verse. He raps with more energy, and hammers through his verse sounding a lot more relatable. Does he make it more listenable? No, but he at least makes it interesting.

Thugger or Future — Who ya got?



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