Let's Get It Started

Maria Herz Shines Bright In “Lets Get It Started” (Review & Stream)


No matter where you are or who you are with, “Let’s Get It Started” will get you in the mood to dance!

Maria Herz is a pop singer/songwriter that loves to do some storytelling and make music that is highly relatable, something that tends to go over well with listeners like myself. In her newest single, “Let’s Get It Started,” she gives us something that features these two characteristics over this Latin Dance beat that will make you want to bring out the happy feet you’ve had stashed away in the closet for a while.

You know what I love about “Let’s Get It Started?” It has some high-octane energy, but interestingly enough, some soothingness to it, too. On it, Maria pours her heart out about pursuing her dreams using this electrifying approach both vocally and lyrically. The nature of the track is designed to get you to tap your feet and dance the night away, in addition to give you the confidence to go after that one hotty in the corner of the club that you’ve been staring at all night. I love everything the track represents, and appreciate how Maria blended pop, latin and soul together to make this a well-constructed gem.

Make sure you check out Maria Herz’s “Let’s Get It Started” track at the top of the page.



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