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YBN Almighty Jay Talks His S**t On “How I’m Rockin” (Review & Stream)

OK, it looks like Rich The Kid 2.0 might have himself yet another hit!

In my opinion, YBN Almighty Jay is more of a hype-man than an actual rapper, and that is OK, because hype-men tend to win lawsuits when s**t goes amiss with the groups they are in. But I do have to admit, there’s a few songs in his catalog that I find enjoyable to listen to, and “How I’m Rockin'” is one of them. On it, the young spitter takes aim at his social media haters, dishing out more than sticks and stones in his lyrics. He also gets a chance to do a little bit of flossing and talk about what motivates him to keep going, something that makes him come across as very human.

YBN stays having this devious smile on his face. N***a, what bad ass scheme are you planning that you can’t wait to tell your boys about?



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