THEY have been silent in 2018, but all that changed today…

Dante Jones & Drew Love (THEY) are way too talented to be disappearing for months at a time. We need to hear more music for them, and hopefully “What I Know Now” is just the start of a wave of releases. In the meantime, the song at hand is primarily rock-based, but also boasts some rock-n-roll elements to it that people like Marty McFly will love. The band hops on the song smoothly crooning about being comfortable in their own skin while dismissing what everyone around thinks of them. As for Wiz, he drops a quick little verse that has him giving rules about how to move in a room full of vultures and scandalous women. Notes taken.

‘THEY’ has to be one of the weakest names in hip hop history. Hopefully that s**t means something historical to them.