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Bad Bunny’s Long Anticipated Drake Collaboration “MIA” Is Here! (Review & Stream)

Welp, Tory Lanez, it looks like Drake has 1up’d you in this Latin s**t! It’s your move now, Swavey (I suggest you make a song in straight up tongues)…

Both Bad Bunny and Drake have been teasing a collaborative effort together for months now, and today, October 11th, we finally got it! “MIA” features 100% authentic Latin vibes, and interestingly enough, Drake provides 100% Latin contributions on it (Actually, I’ll say 87.2% authentic). His part is in all Spanish, and the melody he sings with is comparable to what you’ve heard from the other pop stars who’ve dabbled in Reggaeton. As for Bad Bunny, he does his thing on the track (As usual), huffing and puffing about his game, while playing the 6God’s crutch when it comes to how it’s really done in Puerto Rico. Oooh, I likey!

This s**t will blow up in the clubs in 4,3,2,1…



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