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Jo Oliver Is The Absolute Entertainer In “Shine On (You)” (Review & Stream)

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 Jo Oliver is simply enjoying life and indulging in every element of music.

To call Jo Oliver a talented musician is an understatement. He sings, he plays the guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, and even mops the floor after he’s done using the music studio. in other words, he’s a one man wrecking crew. But what I like most about his artistry is that he comes across as just your ordinary Joe (Despite his many accolades, which you can read about here) that enjoys making music and utilizing it as a way to escape from the many perils that life seems to always throw at you (Like global warming). In his latest single, “Shine On (You),” our hero was able to create this highly enjoyable masterpiece that features an explosive version of all the characteristics I explained earlier: I’m talking explosive guitar play, heavy-hitting drumming and infectious pianoing. Aside from that, Jo sings his butt off throughout, showcasing boisterous vocals and exhilarating lyrical content revolving around appreciating that one person that makes life worth living. I love the combination of all elements, and definitely admire the energy he was able to bring throughout.

If you aren’t motivated to shine, shine, shine after listening to this song, you have to get your ears checked, checked, checked!



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