Hip Hop

Kodak Black Links Up With Travis Scott & Offset For “Zeze” (Review & Stream)

I can see Kodak’s dancing from that infamous meme he was in definitely falling in line with the rhythm of this beat.

Much like other jailbirds before him, it seems like Kodak Black has become more famous after being released from the pen. Since then, he has linked up with Bruno Mars, Gucci Mane, and even Mac MillerĀ  in the studio. Today, he released his collaboration with Travis Scott and Offset called “Zeze.”

Production-wise, “Zeze” has this islandy feel to it, but at the same time, some boom. On it, Travis Scott drops this exhilarating hook (That is finished off by Kodak) that has him pumping the crowd to let loose. From there, Offset drops a braggadocios verse that I believe fits the style of the instrumental more than anything/anyone else I heard.

Kodak finishes things off on this song, gifting us with a last verse that has him basking in his fortunes, as he practically names any and everything he’s currently wearing, driving and living in. I f**k with his energy on the track, as it falls in line with a n***a that is appreciative of being out of jail.

Does this song live up to it’s meme status?




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