Arborheim Provides Passion, Emotion and Everything In-Between In “Gravitational Constant” (Review & Stream)


Modern-day classical music doesn’t get any better than this.

Arborheim is a talented musician that believes in creating music that is both timeless and riveting. In his newest release, “Wilhelmonics,” he showcases both of these aspects to the world, in addition to never letting up when it comes to creativity. One of my favorite tracks from the project is titled “Gravitational Constant” — A three and a half minute gem that features some astounding violin-play, an abundance of emotion, and a melody to die for! As a listener, it is impossible to not get engulfed in its passionate nature, as the song does a great job of displaying the musical equivalency of passion, hope and despair without using any words.

Make sure you check out Arborheim’s “Gravitational Constant” up top! Also, listen to the full “Willhelmonics” album HERE!




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