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Michael Barber Is Against Building Walls In “Ladder” (Review & Stream)


I am all for positive hip hop music, especially when it comes in the form of something clever like “Ladder.”

Michael Barber is an musician that gives me nothing but good vibes. His music seems very creative, and his persona screams out highly relatable. On his latest release, “Ladder,” he provides us with a work of art that will make you root for him even more.

Over this colorful instrumental, Michael Barber drops off some pretty powerful words revolving around overcoming big walls by building this hypothetical ladder. Throughout the song, he gifts us with catchy, political and uplifting bars, while also utilizing this laid-back approach throughout, showing the Debbie Downers and Negative Nancys of the world that rebelliousness can come in the form of stress-free raps, too. Can you imagine all the wars we would’ve avoided if we followed this same approach?

My interest level in purchasing a ladder has skyrocketed. I am currently looking up the nearest Home Depot on google maps.



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