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Phora Recruits G-Eazy And Tory Lanez For “For You” (Review & Stream)


I’m going to start calling Phora ‘Baby Drake’

I’m not trying to be an asshole or anything, but the instrumentals Phora raps/sings over are similar to the s**t Drake used to f**k with back in the day. Anyway, on “For You,” yet another cut from his Love is Hell project, the Anaheim rapper was able to give us something smoother than a Kardashian butt cheek. The track features a gentle beat, some really soft crooning by Tory and Phora, and a pretty introspective rap verse from G-Eazy. While I love that the trio is willing to open up about some truthful s**t like doing whatever it takes to keep their chicks happy, I don’t f**k with how forced it sounds here.

Where the hell is Phora in that album artwork? That s**t looks like Chemical Zone from Sonic The Hedgehog.





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