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John Legend Releases The Christmas Inspired “Bring Me Love” (Review & Stream)

John Legend, You are an ‘I got all the gifts I wanted on Christmas so I am all smiles’ lookin’ ass n***a!

I know that it is only October right now, but if you think about it, Christmas is right around the corner (YAYYYY)! That means Cosby-lookin’ sweaters, hot cocoa, and cheesy Christmas records (Double YAYYY)! The first of the year comes from John Legend, and it is just as bubbly as I expected. It features him and his partners’ singing about wanting love this Christmas over this shiny instrumental.

Listen, I like this song and all, but I hate that it reminds me of how close Christmas is… These days, I’m the buyer not the receiver of gifts.

You ole ‘Santa Claus ate every single cookie I left for him near the chimney’ lookin’ ass n***a!



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