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Juice WRLD Is Young, Wild & Free In “Armed & Dangerous” (Review & Stream)

Is it f**ked up to say that I prefer Juice WRLD when he’s miserable?

Juice WRLD’s success really crept on me. I feel like the moment I heard about him, he blew the f**k up the following week. Now that he’s undeniably a household name, he can experiment with s**t a lot more, and if you ask me, “Armed & Dangerous” is one big experiment. On it, the Chicago rapper spits about partying his ass off, counting money and aiming at foes despite his fame. The song is a good mix between gutter and quirky, meaning he was probably at that stage of high where you understand what is going on around you, but you choose to not take it seriously.

I am torn on whether or not I like this song…



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