Hey, isn’t Sosamann the dude that was on that Lil Wayne slow song he shouldn’t have been on?

This song is bad. OK, let me take a few steps back before I have an opinion on this song… Sosamann is a dude that I thought was rising up the rap charts, and with his feature on Wayne’s Carter 5¬†album, he really has the chance to blow up. With that being said, this song isn’t his best, as the Houston rapper chose to give us something auto-tuned up with cliche lyrics about rolling up, bad b*tches and foes (I think that’s what he was talking about… Most of his raps were inaudible).

Wiz picks the song up on his verse, giving us this dynamic verse that his him doing a bunch of rapping and a splash of singing. On it, he also talks about rolling up and money, but he does it in a way that is a lot clearer and bossier than Sosamann.

How much weed do you think Wiz smokes in a day? I say 76 pounds.