Sysuev Gives Off Authentic R&B Vibes In “Gentlemen” (Review & Stream)

“Gentlemen” will definitely have the ladies that want to be treated right feeling good about themselves.

Sysuev is a smooth singer/songwriter that has no problem dabbling in a variety of genres such as Neo-soul, Electronica and R&B. In his latest release, “Gentlemen,” the Ukrainian crooner seamlessly navigates his way through an instrumental so soothing that you might just have layers of stress shredded off of your body simply listening to it. On this instrumental,¬†Sysuev talks about being a gentlemen to his¬†woman, specifically pointing out the many romantic things he wants to do for her on a daily basis. I love how poetic our hero’s words are on his verses, especially considering the mind-numbing approach he uses to deliver them. Well done, sir!

On Valentine’s day, this song will remain on repeat…



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