Vic Mensa should’ve called this song “Sympathy.”

As you may know by now, Vic Mensa has caught some flak for a comment he made about XXXTENTACION on the recent BET Hip hop awards. Well today, he seeks redemption, (Sort-of) dropping off this introspective track called “Empathy.” On it, the Chicago native talks about having a pretty slick mouth, while also failing to understand why his honest thoughts get penalized by the media and his girl. At times, he raps straight-up and tough, and in others, he does some harmonizing. As a response track, I think the s**t was kind-of weak, but as a new single, I think it’s decent.

Vic Mensa can be an all time great, he just needs to chill his ass out with all that anger. N***a, everyone knows two wrongs don’t make a right.