Yvonne has superstar written all over her.

Yvonne Sangudi is a talented Tanzanian-American songstress that has put in over nineteen years of work behind the scenes in both the television and music industry. Within that time, she was able to fully understand the ins and outs of making music, which as a result, ended up in her developing this highly unique sound that blends elegant pop vibes with world class production. In her latest single, “MistaRomeo,” she showcases this sound for us throughout.

“MistaRomeo” has such great energy attached to it. If it doesn’t draw you in with its futuristic/reggaeton-inspired instrumental (Produced by Jens Gad, a heralded producer in the music industry), you will definitely end up under the song’s spell after you hear Yvonne’s vocals. Throughout, she sings both passionately and fearlessly, matching the intensity of the fiery topic at hand (A shaky guy that is keen on trying to break her heart with his foolish actions) flawlessly. I am not afraid to admit that I caught the dance fever listening to this song, and I’ll even go as far as to say that I am legitimately disappointed in Romeo for his negligent actions.

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