AR Base Illuminates In “Grievous Words” (Review & Stream)


“Grievous Words” is off of AR Base’s newest album titled “Press On.

Wow, what can I say? This song is special for various reasons! But before I get into the more obvious musical reasons, I’d like to give AR Base a lot of credit for the messaging that he provides. Having peace of mind is a goal that we all should strive to accomplish, so throughout this expressive exhibit, he offers a bit of advice on how to achieve this goal. First, remove all the negative thoughts and words from your brain and lips, because these things can manifest themselves into your life…if you allow it. Secondly, if you need a shoulder to lean on or are just looking for some emotional guidance, you can always call on GOD. Lastly, a silent mind can give you the ability to let go of all of your insecurities and provide the strength you need to live your best life!

With all that said, let us jump in the musicality of ‘Grievous Words’.

As soon as you turn on the song, you feel like you have just entered an oasis full of joy, happiness and love. The feeling that comes over you is a true experience that allows you to take in the melody and vocals that AR Base chooses to bless us with. You can tell that AR Base really understands vocal arrangement and how to structure a song as that is on full display on the chorus of this song! If ‘Grievous Words’ is your introduction to AR Base’s catalog, you are in for a real treat of smooth sounds to ride to, chill to and vibe to!



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