Hip Hop

Kidd Outlaw Puts Em In Their Places In Holly Hood (Review & Stream)

There is absolutely no smiling allowed while listening to “Holly Hood.”

Every once in a while, it is necessary for our hip hop artists to g-check us, especially when we claim to live a life that we simply aren’t living. In Kidd Outlaw’s “Holly Hood,” he does just that. Over this menacing instrumental, our hero bullies his way to the finish line, delivering tough ass bars about calling shots, fake friends and toting guns using this raw ass style of rapping that is similar to some s**t A$AP Rocky spits with. I love how Outlaw cleverly dismisses the idea of being ‘Hollywood’ in favor of being ‘Hollyhood’ throughout, backing up his claims with authentic bars. Well done, bro.

I wonder if Holly Hood has their own ‘Walk of Fame?’




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