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Khalid – Sun City (EP Review)

Khalid is special. I don’t care about what he has going on in his personal life, I simply listen to his music, enjoy it, and that is it. With a debut album that had the world falling in love with vulnerable R&B music again, Khalid looks to expand on his low-key popularity even farther, gifting us with a short EP titled “Sun City.” 





“Suncity” has Khalid dabbling in a sound that is foreign to him (Literally), but not for what we’ve been hearing on the radio as of late. It is Reggaeton-inspired, and our hero does speak a bit of Spanish on it, but for the most part, he stays true to his silky smooth ways. I love the back and forth that he does with Empress Oh (The featured guest) on it, as they both sing about wanting each other to hold on dearly to this love they have together. I am no record executive, Ryan Seacrest or Disc Jockey, but I can almost guarantee that this song will be a radio hit by next week.




This track fits its title perfectly. It gives off this laid-back feel on the instrumental, reminding me of the vibes that you would get if you were hanging out on the pier when the sun was coming down. On it, Khalid gets a chance to talk about connecting with his woman more than her parents does, mentioning each and every one of her current problems. I love how the Texas born singer takes his time laying down each and every one of his words, inserting in infectious melodies and some very impressive harmonizing into the fray, too. This is definitely a gem.




Let me find out that Khalid is trying to make it into the dance clubs of the world!

“Better” has hella club vibes, and Khalid feeds off of those vibes by getting lost in it. On his verses, he talks about being infatuated with this chick that seems to have all the juice, repeating certain lines over and over again and harmonizing like a man that is coming down from an anesthesia attack. In my opinion, the track is one of the most unique club records I’ve heard in a while.


1. 9.13 (N/A)

2. VERTIGO (4.5/5)



5. MOTION (4.5/5)

6. BETTER (5/5)

7. SUN CITY (4.5/5)




You know what’s interesting about Khalid’s last album? It stood the test of time, maintaining its status in our hearts for many months. I believe this EP will have the same impact, as it features a bunch of tracks that I consider timeless.

Lucky for us, Khalid continues to showcase his silky smooth crooning on this rodeo, but it does come in the form of a variety of genres. However, whatever you throw at the Texas kid, he hammers, dishing out introspective lyrical content and performances so hypnotizing that you may end up feeling like you’re under his spell at times. When you snap out of it (If you are able to), you’ll realize that you just heard a singer that was in the zone — something I think we need more than seven tracks of.

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