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D. Ardee Is Ready For All The Smoke In “The CIty” (Review & Stream)

“The City” is nothing less than a banger… Trust Me!

D. Ardee is one of those artists that was destined to make music from the start. At the tender age of 9, he started rapping and making beats as a hobby, and by the age of 15, made music his official career after his father bought him a Yamaha M06 Keyboard. In “Trust Me,” one of his latest singles, the Bridgeport, Connecticut native shows off a bit of his talent, gifting us with this tough ass banger that has him dishing out heavy punchlines, impressive flows and ferocious lyrical content. Aside from that, the beat our hero raps over is high-octane, featuring a great tempo and a bass boomin’ elements galore (Kudos to Lenzo). All in all, “The City” is quite the listen, especially if you need to hear something that will make you want to ride out with the homies.

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