D. Ardee’s “Waste No Time” Is All About Its Vibes (Review & Stream)

I need a big booty joint dancing with me on this one! 

D. Ardee is a helluva musician. He produces, raps, plays a myriad of instruments, and probably even helped build the studio he lays down his music in with his bear arms. Today, the Cape Verdean-American rapper showcases his ability to dabble in some Caribbean-inspired music, giving us something that has an infectious melody, lively lyrics and lots of feel good vibes attached to it. True fans of D. Ardees, no need to worry, he still spits some serious bars on his verses, using it as an opportunity to woo his chick into loosening up and having a good time with him; those bars just came out with slightly more riddim than what you’re probably used to hearing from him.

S**t, I could’ve used this song during the summertime…




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