Nomani & Calvin Harris Call On WizKid For “Checklist” (Review & Stream)

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Forget H.E.R. and SZA, what about Normani?

“Checklist” is sensual as f**k! Matter of fact, I guarantee that you will feel some type of way towards Normani after you listen to it. Over this fast paced/Caribbean-inspired instrumental (By Calvin Harris… Even though it sorta sounds like some s**t the Neptunes would’ve made back in the day), Normani and WizKid murder s**t, navigating through things with pure swag, elegance and urgency. They both play their part when it comes to wooing the other, inciting the musical version of an old school sex war. Get your popcorn out, guys!

This song is so hot that I am downloading both the clean and explicit version to it.



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