Trippie Redd Returns With A Smooth Banger Called “Topanga” (Review & Stream)


You weren’t a real one if you didn’t have a crush on Topanga from Boy Meets World back in the day.

You know what’s funny? I feel like Trippie Redd picks beats to rap/sing over that he clearly doesn’t fit on, because a lot of his releases this year has had him going ham over instrumentals I would probably give to Alessia Cara. In “Topanga,” the Ohio native continues to prove my point, dishing out lyrics about toting guns, stealing our women and riding out over this soulful/heavenly beat. Throughout, Trippie’s singing alternates between passionate and aggressive, prompting you to once again wonder whether or not he suffers from a bi-polar syndrome.

I’m waiting on “Love Letter To You 3” like I’m waiting on this cornbread that I currently have in the oven baking. (I’ma tear that s**t up once it gets a nice golden brown crisp!)






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