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Doja Cat & Wes Period Floss Their Diamonds In “Ring” (Review & Stream)

Doja Cat isn’t that bad, guys…

Doja Cat trolled the world when she dropped “Moo” a couple weeks ago, but if you are aware of her artistry, you understand that she is one talented ass musician. In “RING,” you get both sides of the songstress, as she gifts us with this uptempo banger that has her letting the world know how cool her jewelry is through a myriad of styles. Initially, her rapping might throw you off, but as the song plays on, the more and more it feels normalized. Additionally, in the middle of the song, Doja does get a chance to show-off her crooner skills, displaying to the world how talented she is when it comes to laying down vocals.

Wes Period closes “RING” out with a solid rap verse at the end that also has him bragging and boasting about his diamonds. His part is done in an a lot less convoluted way.

“RING” is fun, and might actually end up being a hit.



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