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Juice WRLD & Lil Tracy Unite For “Play Fair” (Review & Stream)

These two brothers kiss and make up more than Trump and Putin. 

Juice WRLD and Lil Tracy have had their problems in the past, with the latter going at the neck of the former on his social media page. It seems like they may have squashed their beef since then, because today, they decided to link up for this brand new single titled “Play Fair.” On it, both artists sing about guarding themselves from chicks that want to tear them down, a topic that is new to neither of them. The track has this alternative/country vibe to it, prompting each young whipper snapper to give us one of their most inspiring singing performances to-date. Overall, I personally think the song is sloppy-sounding and annoying as f**k, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

I don’t want to ever hear this song again.



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