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Lil Xan Pays Homage To Mac Miller In “Worst Day Ever” (Review & Stream)

Seriously, what did Xan accomplish with this joint?

Lil Xan is one of the many rappers that have taken the passing of Mac Miller pretty hard. Reportedly, the last words the fallen rapper said to Xan when he was alive was “Be Safe” — words the “Betrayed” rapper decided to use for the title of his upcoming album. Today, Xan decided to dedicate a song to Mac, dropping a banger called “Worst Day Ever” that is a play on Mac Miller’s “Best Day Ever” album. On it, both him and his buddy $teve Cannon go back and forth over this amped up instrumental, talking about being the devil and foreseeing himself perishing from drug-usage just like his mentor (Yikes). In my opinion, the song is not that bad, but very disturbing.

Lil Xan needs Jesus in every type of way.




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