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OSBS & 2 Chainz Trade Bars In “I Know” (Review & Stream)


What isn’t 2 Chainz or Gunna on these days?

I’ma keep it real with you: I have never heard of these OSBS n***as before, but judging by the single artwork to this song, I am guessing they are mumblers that want my lady. Whatever the case may be, they give us this highly infectious banger that has them dropping some daring vocals, mumbling with the best of them and bragging about their elite status. I f**k with the song already, and when you add 2 Chainz to the fray, with his exuberant delivery and outlandish punchlines, you might have yourself a hit that I can pass the f**k out to in the club soon!

OSBS are like the poor man’s Pretty Ricky, no? Dude on the hook sounds like Pleasure P, and the other dude sounds like Spec! (It’s sad that I remember the names of the people in that group)



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