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Tyga Re-releases “Dip” With Nicki Minaj (Review & Stream)

This song needed Nicki Minaj like the Buffalo Bills need a quarterback.

Tyga and Nicki Minaj both came up together on Young Money, had their little falling out, but have kissed and made up since then. Today, they show just how tight their relationship is now, linking up for a revamped version of Tyga’s “Dip.” On it, you still get the “Taste” rapper’s brash ass verse and highly infectious hook, but this time around, you get a sexual/competitive/braggadocios contribution from Nick Minaj. When you combine both of our heroes artistry on this song together, you have yourself a nominee for hottest club record of the year.

I love the music video to this s**t! Reminds me of some Michael and Janet “Scream” s**t.



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